Andrei Eremin is the producer/engineer for the next generation of music.

The core principles of mixing and mastering involve creating sonic height, width, depth, punch and separation. Care must be paid to make sure songs will translate on a variety of speakers, ensuring their purpose is never lost. Above all, music should tell a story, creating an emotional connection with the listener. Andrei combines all of these ideals with a unique cultural sensibility, crafting the kind of records people will celebrate for years to come.

At 28 years of age, his studio credits already include releases for Sony, Warner, EMI, Future Classic and more, earning Grammy and ARIA nominations, Platinum-selling status and #1 spots across Spotify and Billboard.

Working out of his own private studio, Andrei combines the best of analog and digital technologies to achieve polished, professional sounds and works directly with artists to achieve their visions.

Get in touch today and discuss what’s possible: [email protected]

Andrei Eremin creates music bound only by imagination.

Harnessing a wealth of experience obtained through years of working in the studio across countless genres of music, Andrei composes uniquely accessible experimental electronica, exploring abstract arrangement while still maintaining an air of familiarity and timelessness.

Andrei released his debut EP ‘Pale Blue’ in August 2015, featuring collaborations with Fractures, Nearly Oratorio & Kučka. Showcasing remarkable dexterity, the five tracks found on Pale Blue encompass a diverse stylistic scope bound by a refined focus on production and arrangement. The result is a refreshing and unique statement from an artist operating very much on their own terms, pushing boundaries in ways that few young musicians dare to venture.

"Enormously inventive and fragrantly beautiful" Clash

"There's not much standing in the way of success for this promising new talent." The Line Of Best Fit

Download Pale Blue for free on Bandcamp.



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